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Since 1916 we’ve been providing residential camps here in Crescent Beach, first for orphans from the Alexandra Orphanage in Vancouver, then for single mothers and their children, and now for adults with a developmental disability or mental health needs. These camps provide a welcome and relaxing break from everyday routines, with lots of summer-time activities and events. It’s a great time for socializing, recreation and an exciting change of scenery by the seaside.

The ANHBC Good Neighbour Awards ceremony is coming up quickly, and Alex House has two winners joining the celebration.

We had a full house for the British Invasion lunch last month and had to turn many people away, as once the shopping is done, registration has to be closed. Please remember to register by the preceding Thursday so you don't miss out. The next lunch is May 1 - Cinco de Mayo Mexican Festival! The menu will include chicken quesadilla with salsa and sour cream, green salad, spiced fudge brownies, tea and coffee. Is your mouth watering yet? Yes? Then register now!

In this issue ....  Alexandra Festival, Mother Goose, Mongol Rally - the ultimate adventure, Growing Green - and lots more!

Why not join them for lunch? April 3, noon, roast beef, yorkshire pudding, British music and pub games. Call 604-535-0015 ext 236 for more info.

The national IPAC/Deloitte Public Sector Leadership Awards program recognizes organizations that have demonstrated outstanding leadership and have dared to take their organizations in a new direction in the pursuit of better outcomes. Our childcare program won gold as part of the partnership team at Kensington Prairie Community Centre, reflecting the importance of innovation, strategic thinking, trust, team building and effective partnerships.

In this issue .... Greek Celebration, Alex House Gold! All the Dirt on Gardening, Alexandra Festival, Mother Goose, Global Read Aloud Day,  Spring Break Play Away Day Camps,  Letter from the ED and lots more! 


Whether you get excited each year for Valentine's Day, or would rather just ignore it completely, it’s important that a day is earmarked for us to officially celebrate love. And not just romantic love; but the universal, enduring, spirit-lifting love that is the glue across all of our relationships. Call it spirit, call it tenderness, call it compassion – whatever you want to call it, we all have it. It’s just a matter of how we choose to use it. Happy Valentines Day!