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The Youth Space, Wellness Circles launches with funding from the Emergency Community Support Fund

The Youth Space (YS) is a safe, sober, and inclusive space for youth 13-24 years to create, connect, and innovate. A youth driven project, participants identify needs and co-develop activities offered within.

Building on needs directly identified by youth, the Wellness Circles will provide opportunity for vulnerable youth to safely engage in fun activities, practice self-care, discuss worries, feel heard and supported, and connect with peers as they navigate their physical and emotional health and wellness in the Covid-19 world.

And thanks to the Emergency Community Support Fund and United Way of Lower Mainland, Alexandra Neighbourhood House has received $50,000 to fund the Wellness Circles.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit everyone a little differently, but it has unfortunately disproportionately affected vulnerable youth and their families. Many youth in the South Surrey/White Rock area share experiences of increased stress and anxiety as they cope with increased feelings of social isolation and difficulties in planning for the future.  They share stories of stress at home as the families/room-mates are ‘cooped up’ together for longer periods and face food and financial insecurity. All of which have a major impact on their mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

During a time where everything feels a little bit uncertain, the Youth Space aims to provide youth with a bubble of peace, a safe space for youth to unwind, reflect, and find support with their peers through daily Wellness Circles. By showing youth that there is hope, the Wellness Circles will build community wellness and resilience – especially, during a time otherwise riddled by division and disconnection.

Through connecting with peers and supportive adults at the Youth Space, vulnerable youth have various opportunities to engage in:

  • supportive conversations around health and wellness, relationships, substance use, harm reduction, anxiety, and coping 
  • improved access to resources related to health care, food security, finance, housing, education, and
  • increase their emotional literacy and coping skills through creative and expressive activities such as yoga and fitness, poetry/writing, mindfulness practices, art, crafts, journaling, creating calming toolkits.

Current Covid-19 support has been geared around supporting youth in crisis, while the Wellness Circles will support youth to build resilience, and provide safe space and connections, with the goal of setting a foundation to improve their health and wellness in as many areas as possible.

Such valuable programs would not be possible without the support of the Government of Canada and United Way of the Lower Mainland. Their generous support of this program is so appreciated—thank you so much!

The Youth Space Wellness Circles is funded by the Government of Canada through the Emergency Community Support Fund. The fund is administered by United Way and supports food security and youth mental health initiatives during COVID-19.